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Reporting to the supervisor, the operator has the following functions:

  • Operate a plasma cutting table (take reference and start cutting).

  • Participate in the deburring of parts.

  • Monitor the quality of the cut parts, identify them by number and classify them.

  • Handle, using an overhead crane, the steel plates from the racks to the table as well as the scraps from the table to the racks (occasionally).

  • Make sure you have the right consumables and the right cutting gases.

  • Validate consumable wear and detect overconsumption.

  • Carry out the changes and connection of gas cylinders in a safe manner.

  • Participate in the basic maintenance of the cutting table (structure and cutting head, suction system filters).

  • Perform any other related task.


  • Experience with the use of overhead cranes – required.

  • You must use common sense and be able to work in a team.

  • Adaptability and willingness to learn – required.

  • Experience in the manufacturing and/or metallurgical sector – required.

  • Plan reading – asset.

  • Operation of a plasma table or CNC machine – asset.

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